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LiftWhat helps you track, analyze, and plan your training. It works well for a variety of sports—weight based or otherwise. With LiftWhat, you no longer need to keep a physical training journal and gone are the days of endlessly updating your spreadsheets. Turn your data into action! LiftWhat lets you focus on what matters most—kicking ass!

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I've been training for various strength sports since 2003. So as I write this, I have been training with purpose for 17 years. And yet, I have recorded maybe 4 months worth of sessions.

the author attempting a selfie. September 2019. 230-ish pounds. 100% endogenous.
The author attempting a selfie. September 2019. 230-ish pounds, lifetime steroid free.

I am usually too busy (or tired) during a workout to write my reps and sets. And when I do have time, I always feel like I am writing something of which I will never make use in the future. This consistently leads me to stop writing and just work off my memory (which is not that great).

If I am running a routine, I will typically print out the day's work and keep tallies on that piece of paper. But that piece of paper is now just floating in a file cabinet as if I had never written it.

The whole point of tracking is to keep a consistent record over time for later use. Left to my own devices, I am useless...

So I made a thing to help with that. With LiftWhat, tracking your training as you do it is as easy as tapping a bubble.

Handy dandy tracking UI. Native mobile app coming soon!
Handy dandy tracking UI. Native mobile app in the works!

A simple tracking interface is great for planned sessions here and now, but LiftWhat also let's you capture all your paper journal or spreadsheet data from sessions past.

I developed a simple markup language called Traindown that is free and open source to make recording historical data a breeze.

In LiftWhat, all sessions are stored in Traindown, so if you need to edit a session you have an incredibly powerful tool at your disposal.

So that is tracking. Great! By using LiftWhat, you have your tracking covered. But what will you do with all this data?


Like I said before, one of the main reasons I will stop tracking is the nagging sense that my data will never provide value.

How am I supposed to take action on something I can barely read (chicken scratch written by a leftie that is always covered in chalk...)?

LiftWhat lets you transform your data into insights that are difficult, if not impossible with other tools.

Session analytics FTW
Session analytics FTW

With LiftWhat, you just focus on kicking ass and let the machine do all the tallying. The more data you collect, the more useful it becomes.

Find patterns you didn't even know existed as you slice and dice your data. Record metadata like RPE, RIR, footwear, sleep, calories...whatever you could possible imagine to make sense of the complete training picture.

Every time you record an exercise, that data gets collected so you can see what your weekly, monthly, yearly volumes are for a specific movement. Have a seemingly sudden injury? Trace your steps back in time to reveal the true underlying cause.

Armed with this information, you will make gains quicker with fewer injuries than ever before!


LiftWhat lets you track what you are doing or have done and analyze patterns in the latter. It also empowers you to plan out into the future through the Routine Builder.

Building routines here beats the pants off a spreadsheet
Building routines here beats the pants off a spreadsheet

Optimized for keyboard input, the Routine Builder lets you tear through the laborious process of composing a routine for yourself or others. Don't feel like building your own? I got you, lazy fam! There are community provided routines being added all the time.

Just point, click (or tap), and kick ass!

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If you have read this far, you owe it to yourself to try out LiftWhat. The benefits of trying it now are 1) It is 100% free (for now) and 2) you have direct access to me (:) Hi!) and can chat about what you want built. It's literally zero risk and all reward!

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Unlike alot of software companies, you will be talking directly to the person (someday people!) building the product. This is not a "unicorn hopeful" looking for "hockey stick growth".

Your email will not go into some database to be later sold and abused. It will go into a text file that I (Hi again!) manually maintain because I am an actual person who gives a crap about you as a fellow human being.

You are not a number on a slide deck being shopped around to investors or a data set to be sold for advertising. Period. I just want to provide a tool that helps you get stronger/faster/better and hopefully one day my job can be to do only that!

If that sounds kinda heavy handed, it is. After having worked in the industry for as long as I have and seen what I have, I have strong opinions on what I believe the "right way" to build software is.

I'll write some articles on this and other topics in the future, but for now, shoot me an email to get on the list!

Older Versions

Are you a current user of LiftWhat versions 0.* or 1.*? If so, don't worry, you can still access the previous verions. Click here for version 0.* and click here for version 1.*.